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Again, Thank you for visiting my web page. This page is fully dedicated to the betterment of Cite Soleil. I will take some time to get into some details that make Cite Soleil the poorest place in the world, or at least the poorest in the Caribbean. Many Haitians by far have participated in the appearance of Cite Soleil. Cite is always there in politics. It has helped me to get into office. People who live in Cite Soleil would to death to support a politician whom they believe in. However, once that politician gets into office, he or she has forgotten all the promises that force the people to believe, thus go out and vote. This story is so clear in the case of 1990 election that brought Jean Bertrand Aristide to get elected. That was one of  the case. before that, many movement have taken place in Cite Soleil. Believe it or not, Most politicians would feel weak if they don't have Cite Soleil to Back them up. Despise of its location, many claim that a lot of politicians who wish or would want to be elected in their part of Haiti, would come to Cite Soleil in order for every body to know she or he is popular. If Cite Soleil backs someone up, that person is 99 percent sure, she or he is always elected in whatever part of Haiti. One condition explains all that: Poverty. Since poverty makes it easy for many to get elected, thus we are not going to work for the betterment of cite Soleil. This is really a very difficult and tough situation.

To smoothen things up, Many organizations come in the City. Unfortunately, they claim that they are there to do good. Yes, Indeed they do very well. Many organizations that claim they are working with poor, they are going to build up schools and orphanage, fall short to accomplish all they promise. Yet, they raise million dollars for themselves. Many People who come in Cite Soleil by foot, leave Cite Soleil with Jaguar, Benz,
  Lexis. I would sound like a lot of non-sense if I can't name some non-for-profit organization. The Situation I was describing is typical to this organization run by the Boulos family. Mr. Boulos senior comes with nothing. I said it right. Nothing. He left his son after he died. His son left Cite Soleil with Million of Dollar. All of this could not be done without the complicity or support of those who have the big money. Again, We are not there to hit our head with any body. However, it is worth it to say something for people to know. We will come back to update the Page. Please check back.


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