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Sharing Your Time With The Needies 

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This is always difficult for most of us to take time to comfort the neediest. I would accept it is easier to write a check to an organization to support homeless. It is as good as gold to say Hi to a homeless. People always need to feel that they are not forgotten in the society. There are many reasons why people become homeless. If we take a look at the economy, we will see Today in America, The greatest Country in the world People are losing home, car, even hope... I would argue that President Obama is working hard to get the country back to its feet. However, Obama's leg work is not good enough... The Government will always support the rich and powerful first before any help can get to everyday people. The government will save big bank first before they help blow joe  with electricity bill or heating bill. However, we should all understand that The rich and powerful make this world spins. They are the back bone of the country and the government knows that.  So what can we the people can do?

Breaking News: Senator Ben Nelson announce his support for the health care bill. He said  " I reserve the right to withdraw my support for the bill.







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