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Feed My children
Haiti will be Safe with food

If one person can volunteer to work with me to feed the children. I guarantee that Haiti will be a better place to anybody to live. Many  are dead-wrong when accepting don't like their country. That is wrong. The saying goes, 
" There is nowhere else but like." If this is just for every body; it is equally true to the Haitian. Unfortunately, now Kids in cite Soleil have nobody to look up to. Nobody can look up to anybody when every body is hungry.


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I am begging in the name of those 100 children that I have on my account to feed. Maybe you are a Christian; maybe you are  just someone who would like to donate. Either way, Please donate something or anything to our Organization. Foundation Tervil mission is to feed as many as we can. Please be a part of our mind set, which is helping children to be feed and go to school. If you are Christian, please donate. If you are an atheist, please donate. If you think you are a god, please donate.

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